The Time Walkers

by Kurt Burnum

The Unabridged Edition of The Time Walkers is a compelation of all four books in, “The Mighty Companion” series which illustrates the overwhelming difficulties faced by a family of immortals. How they could continue living without being able to have the things necessary to function in society. For example, updated birth certificates, ids, such as driver’s licenses, etc. In order to live the American Dream. Being immortal, even after over 100 years they still looked to be in their mid twenties! So, after many years of failing to be successful in finding a good way to update their identification which would allow them to live off the many riches in gold and precious stones that they’d acquired over the years that were produced by a secret and lucrative family goldmine. Anyway, not until they were able to find a feasible way to produce up to date forms of identification would they be able to live a normal although immortal, life. Being able to attain a life of comfort, and wealth. The one that they all deserved so much, and the one that they were all searching for! The question is… Will they find and produce the documents they need? Will they find the long lost well? Or, will the sands of time deny these Time Walker’s their life of prosperity, fulfilling their destiny by owing their souls to The Water Well of The Eternal!


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