Co-founded by husband-wife team Gary and Amy Simpson, Dare To Be Free Press is a small start-up, independent publisher with a mission to share stories that inspire the mind, challenge the spirit and speak to the heart. While Gary is the Creative Partner with several literary projects ready to launch, as Publishing Partner Amy focuses on bringing stories to the commercial market.

With an English literature major and Business Administration/History minors, Amy began her career in technology communications and invested a demanding ten years in public relations and marketing. Then her life shifted to the non-profit world, merging her business mind with her desire to help make the world a better place. It was fast-paced, challenging and rewarding. Over a 25-year journey, Amy flourished in communications campaigns for Silicon Valley start-ups, project management in education administration, and fundraising for national and global non-profits. In her partnership role, Amy combines her editorial experience, management skills and literary background.

Born in Virginia, Amy grew up all over the Southern U.S., giving her a deep appreciation for humble beginnings, strong convictions, gentle demeanors, and friendly waves from pick-up trucks. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, valedictorian and summa cum laude, from Presbyterian College in South Carolina. Fortunately, this connoisseur of the written word in all of its forms is finally learning how to love and how to dream. Amy lives in Southern California with her husband and finds her happy place on the beach and with her family.