I have worked as an editor for the past 14 years. I can fact-check on any subject, based on the most rudimentary information. I can edit and develop across all formats and topics. I have a vast knowledge base on history, political science, English literature, genre fiction, mythology and Indian literature. I can translate from Hindi to English. Here is a brief career summary:

Career Summary
Freelance editor, manuscript evaluator and content creator 9/2012-oresent
• Edited website content for Pink Escapes India http://pinkescapes.in/ ), part of ITEG
• Critiqued and copy-edited titles for Indireads (http://www.indireads.com/ )
• Copy-edited Parul A Love Story, proofed and indexed Kalsia Myth, Legend, History and proofed titles on international haute couture and Pondicherry for Roli Books
• Edited books on financial services and marketing for Vikas
• Proofed Devotion and Dissent in Indian History for Cambridge University Press
• Copy-edited Rashna Imhasly Gandhy’s The Emerging Feminine: Discovering the Heroine Within for Yatra Books
Editor and Manuscript Evaluator, Writer’s Side 3/2009-9/2012
Critiqued and edited several manuscripts for Writer’s Side (http://www.writersside.com/ ). Edited manuscripts include:
• A book on AR Rahman for Penguin
• Bhavna Chauhan’s novel on female army cadets undergoing training published by Penguin
• S Ratnakar’s book on creativity at work published by Hay House
• Rohit Gore’s A Darker Dawn published by Niyogi Books and his Circle of Three published by Grapevine India
• Two books of short stories for Landmark Gray Oak
• India since 1950, by Christophe Jaffrelot, for Yatra Books
• A book on baby care, targeted at parents
Work experience and freelance 9/2006 –3/2009
Assisted a start-up publishing company in Oxford with marketing and editorial work.
Proofread Vikram Sampath’s Splendours of Royal Mysore: the Untold Story of the Wodeyars and Rani Sarma’s The Deodis of Hyderabad: A Lost Heritage and edited Tejeshwar Singh’s The Concept of God for Rupa & Co.
Copy-edited manuscripts for Vikas Publishing and Orient BlackSwan.
Wrote articles for women-golf.com for Wish Writer’s Network.
Edited papers written by students for Sirius Interactive.
Prepared English-language exercises for primary school children for Scholastic.
Freelance copy editor and writer 12/2002 – 8/2005 NIIT, Classteacher.com, Q2A Solutions, FCS Ltd, G-Cube Solutions, Mosaic Services, MedRite and SMI Tech
Edited articles and books on computer technologies and concepts, mathematics, creating multimedia and 3D modelling for NIIT.
Wrote storyboards for multimedia e-learning products for Classteacher.com, for Indian schoolchildren.
Wrote storyboards for multimedia e-learning products for FCS Ltd (GEW&WM), for entry-level professionals in the US waste management industry.
Edited storyboards for multimedia e-learning products for G-Cube Ltd (GEW&WM), for entry-level professionals in the US waste management industry.
Wrote articles on medical conditions for Pondicherry-based MedRite, for a general audience.
Worked as a search engine optimization copywriter for Mosaic Services, for its clients in the US and the UK.
Wrote a book on tanks and ground vehicles for Chandigarh-based SMI Tech, for the European young adult market.
Wrote a book on explorers for Q2A Solutions, for 8-14 year-old children.
1991-2002: worked as
• Editorial assistant, Business India, New Delhi
• Abstractor/Editor, Softcell, New Delhi
• Sub-editor, CMIL, New Delhi
• Copy editor and content creator, Encyclopaedia Britannica, New Delhi
• Communications Officer, NCPEDP, New Delhi
2006 Oxford Brookes/Publishing, Oxford, Oxfordshire Master’s Degree
1989 University of Delhi/History, New Delhi, Delhi Master’s Degree
1987 University of Delhi/History, New Delhi, Delhi Bachelor’s Degree


  • Editing: Line Editing