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  • Katie Watson and the Painter’s Plot

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    I’m looking for an affordable audiobook production studio with a quick turn-around time to create an audio version of my Middle Grade novel (approx. 60,000 words). I can self-narrate, but also open to casting a professional.

    Posted by mezblume
    West Berkshire, United Kingdom 1 project posted
  • Success With Anthony Morrison | Official

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    Anthony Morrison has just opened the doors to his private coaching program called Success With Anthony. If you want to be personally trained by internet millionaire this is your chance, follow the link below right now to head over to Anthony’s website and secure your seat right away.

    Posted by successwitham
    Madison, MS 39110, United States 1 project posted
  • Let’s Connect On Linkedin | Anthony Morrison

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    Currently, Anthony Morrison serves as CEO of Morrison Publishing, LLC a company whose focus is on the creation of digital content and software for online marketers. Anthony also hosts the “Success Connection” every week with thousands of attendees from all over the world joining him to learn Internet Marketing strategies and techniques.

    Posted by legendam
    Madison, MS, United States 1 project posted
  • Go Through Anthony Morrison and Start Making Respectably

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    Anthony Morrison can be a marketing and advertising guru. Whatever he has is that a product of the initiatives he put employed as an internet marketer. This man is running as an ace and a marketing coach. Countless his followers and readers really are earning tens of thousands of bucks, and also his novels are […]

    Posted by anthonymorrisonlearn
    Madison, MS, United States 2 projects posted

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    Hi, I’m a former college professor and government contractor for military families. I’d like to start with a line editor for the first 50 pages, approximately 15K – 17K words. I think I’ve delayed the plot in trying to give readers elements of living in Germany as a military spouse. I can be “uber” verbose. […]

    Posted by cathyfbd
    1 project posted
  • looking for graphic designer

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    I am creating a chocolate cookbook.

    Posted by andrewfriedland
    San Francisco, CA, United States 2 projects posted
  • FR UnitUltraSkySpectrumForcefields FR INFINITILLION

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    We wish to engage services of a professional that has the productive network which can place this work of fiction FR with online book sellers such as Amazon FR is a fable about the powers of Infinite Lightening possessed by children living in communities and neighborhoods on the pacific North coast of America and how […]

    Posted by pcaoegoa
    Lagos state, Nigeria 1 project posted
  • Radiation Therapy Registry Review

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    I have created a review guide for Radiation Therapy students who are about to take their registry test to become licensed. I would like to hire people to proof read the material, ensure the copy rights are legitimate, and an individual who could market my book.

    Posted by lnappi
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  • Hallowed Harvests: Reapers, Gleaners, and Threshers in Western Art and Literature

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    The author is my father, who is a professor at Seattle Pacific University. He has published historical works through Washington State University Press, but now seeks to pursue independent publishing. His special interests relate to agrarian history and sustainability studies. This book grew out of a recent title for WSU Press on northwest agrarian history. […]

    Posted by scheuerman
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  • Fantasy Manuscript Critique Wanted

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    I am looking for someone experienced in fantasy fiction work to read an extensive tale, currently sitting at about 105,000 words, and give it a manuscript critique. My goal is to self publish as an Ebook, or a series of short illustrated serial chapters via a specialty app like LINE’s Webtoons. The story is simply […]

    Posted by azhiraz
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