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  • ExtraOrdinary

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    The story takes place in an apocalyptic world where humans have become gods, each possessing a unique ability. The main character, Braiten, doesn’t have any ability, though, and he must navigate through a corrupt and greedy world, facing super-powered villains and obstacles along the way.

    Posted by alexgates
    Galt, CA, United States 1 project posted
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    I wanted to know if there is anyone who could edit a book for me. So far, I have over 40,000 words. My entire book will be done in 2 to 3 weeks.

    Posted by sjauthor01
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  • Kingdom Come

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    I’m getting through a former NaNoWriMo novel, and going through it myself. Mostly looking for someone to edit and compare notes, or generally tell me overly used flaws. This is a literal “zero draft” work, with no prior editing into it, so it’s still really messy at times. It’s about 60k words, and a sci-fi, […]

    Posted by billiejoeiscool
    Connecticut, United States 1 project posted
  • A working title: WORLD WAR II MEMOIR

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    This Copy/Line Editing/Proofreading project is a narrative memoir, approx. 180,000 words, with authentic SOUTHERN DIALECT which was transcribed verbatim from taped interviews. It is important to note that, for an easier read, the grammar has been corrected in most instances, except where retained for effect, while otherwise preserving the flavor of the speaker’s dialect. Familiarity […]

    Posted by writerslk
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  • Noreaster

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    Noreaster, a completed crime graphic novel needs a line editor. The book is 120 pages long, but the text to edit should be pretty light/minimal. Thanks for your interest!

    Posted by noreaster
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