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Should You Read Your Book Reviews?

by Auburn Seal  •  April 13, 2017

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Reading feedback from your readers can be a frightening experience, similar to a terrifying but thrilling roller coaster. A good review launches you to the highest heights and a bad or mediocre review can send your self-worth plummeting into the deepest depths of darkness. A five-star review says you are worthy of life, a one- or

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Publishing News Roundup Series: Why Average Writers Should Care About Amazon Moving into the Middle East

by Maureen Crisp  •  April 10, 2017

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  Amazon continues to spread its influence across the globe.


The Book Marketing Summit – Everything You Need to Sell More Books

by Miral Sattar  •  January 30, 2017

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The Book Marketing Summit is here! Everything you need to know to market, promote, and sell your books

Amazon, the US e-commerce and cloud computing giant is said to hire 1,000 people in Poland. The company already hires almost 5,000 people in Poland and has service centers in Gdansk, Wroclaw and Poznan ON 14 April 2016. (Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

How Authors Can Move Forward in the Face of Amazon’s Latest Review Policy

by Auburn Seal  •  October 6, 2016

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Indie authors everywhere give away books in exchange for an honest review. Whether it’s book bloggers, beta readers, ARC readers, or just friends and family. The ask usually goes something like this. Will you write an honest review for my book in exchange for a free copy? That is one of the main ways authors

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10 Steps to Self-Publish

by Auburn Seal  •  September 22, 2016

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Looking to join the ranks of self-published authors? Overwhelmed by all the steps from here to there?  I’ll tell you how to make it happen in 10 (mostly) simple steps!  How long those 10 steps takes will depend entirely on your motivation level (and your willingness to ask for help when you find yourself in over

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Top 5 Selling Audio Books of 2016

by Auburn Seal  •  August 12, 2016

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According to the Audio Publishers Association, audiobook sales in Canada and US increased 21% in 2015 over 2014. That’s great news for self-published authors who can leverage their books across many formats. Here are the top selling audiobooks of 2016 and their genres to give you an idea of who and what is selling. The

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Publishing News Roundup Series: Amazon’s Changes for Goodreads

by Maureen Crisp  •  May 23, 2016

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  This week we talk about Goodreads new eBook service deal.


The Importance of Sub-Categories In Book Search Success

by Samantha Knoerzer  •  April 13, 2016

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  Your book is published and out in the reader world. You have promoted your book and readers are lining up to buy. Now what?

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Publishing News Roundup Series: The Mysterious Effectiveness of Publicity

by Maureen Crisp  •  April 4, 2016

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  Publishing works in mysterious ways.

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Publishing News Roundup Series: Day Two of DBW and Precautions in the Publishing World

by Maureen Crisp  •  March 22, 2016

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  This week’s post is all about day two of Digital Book World.