30 Second Etiquette

by EJ Divitt

A series of quick essays on a variety of etiquette topics. Are you worried about how to behave at a wake? Is it okay to decline an invitation without giving a reason? How do you handle it when things get awkward? You’ll recognize some things that have irritated you in others and see topics you have not considered. Covers over 35 topics of everyday etiquette situations.
Etiquette of Grief, Handicap Parking, Never Ask About Kids or Marriage Plans, Is It Still Rude If They Don’t Understand You? Personal Space At Dinner Parties, Holiday Etiquette, The Etiquette of Awkward, Being Polite Is Not Giving In, Are You Tardy Or Just Inconsiderate? Being Gracious And Grateful For Your Christmas Presents, Time For Thank You Cards, Waiting, Subcontracting Your Thank Yous, Don’t Blame This One For The Last One, Honoring Your Host’s Wishes, Winter Etiquette, Darn! What Was Their Name Again? Declining Is Not The Same As Being Rude, It’s Not Polite To Correct People, Respect Other People’s Property, Don’t Overstep The Boundaries Of An Introduction, Unsolicited Advice, The Etiquette of Colds, Keeping Your Word, Book Borrowing Etiquette, Mother’s Day, 20 Easy Ways To Annoy Other People, Do You Turn Into Another Person Behind The Wheel? Why Can’t I Put My Elbows On The Table? The Top Ten Etiquette Rules You Should Know, Be Very Very Quiet . . . We Are Hunting Rabbits, American Flag Etiquette, Restaurant Etiquette, Movie Theater Etiquette, Keep Your Spell Checker To Yourself, Don’t Presume Everyone Is On Social Media and Dealing With Customer Service Representatives.


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