A bell sound everlasting_cover only.jpg

A Bell Sound Everlasting

by jznmccauley


Heart-wrenching tragedies, a perilous uprising, and one impossible choice.

As a professional pianist, it is only in music that Evelyn Bell allows herself to let go of reality. After the loss of her parents, Evey struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder and remains fixated on an echo of the past—until her life is turned upside down once more during a symphony performance. Trapped within a vision, she locks eyes with a mysterious young man. Without answers, she is quickly returned to her piano bench center stage as time literally stops around her.

Ailis is a woman of the Celts, and the daughter of a chief, whose clan means everything to her. She yearns to be strong like her father and to protect her people from invaders. When she loses her brother on his wedding day it is only the beginning of many scars on her heart. With help from the other clans, she tries to keep her father’s alliance alive long enough to strengthen the nations and save them all. As their leader, Ailis must let go of her grief and remember her warrior path, but will she be able to protect her people against all odds?

In this compelling tale of two women separated by centuries, Evey and Ailis will seek answers, fight for their freedom, and embark on a journey of self-discovery through memories and strife where they must learn to embrace loss, change, and their true destiny.


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