After the Walk – The Amazing Places the Mind Goes

by ceciliaanastos

Every day, my dogs and I walk around beautiful Ramona, CA. While we walk, I practice walking meditation. My concentration is on the sounds the dogs’ paws and my feet make as we touch the ground, their breathing and my breathing, the sound the leaves make when the wind caresses them, and the loud voices of some reactive dogs we encounter along the walk.

This is not a book about meditation or dog training. It is a book about philosophy of life and the wandering mind that flourishes after the walks.

It is a collection of 34 short stories. Some will make you laugh. Some will make you think deeply about your own life.

In October 2021, Julie Gallant from the Ramona Sentinel interviewed me, and we talked about my choosing the canvas to express complex feelings. A few months later, I decided to choose the pen to express things for which the canvas would not have been the right medium.


  • also i want to make my some stories which i have faced to in water industry. some of my projects , you can see , but i am not sure how to start writing a book. nice to talk here.

  • nice book, i am also thinking to write a book for water treatment industry. here you can get details