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There’s a war raging between the Light aliens and their Dark counterparts. Humans are unaware they are being used for their sexual energy by both sides.
The Dark aliens want to sexually enslave the entire human race, while the Light struggle to maintain the balance between good and evil on Earth. As they fight the never-ending battle to save mankind, they must also fight the battle within their own hearts. Their destinies have been pre-determined by the Fates.
The question is, do they give up their immortality for love?
Aurora is the most beautiful and talented Healer the Light aliens have had in centuries. She can heal even the most devastating wounds with just the Light energy from her hands. But can she heal her own broken heart?
Titus is the fiercest Warrior the soldiers of the Light race has ever had. Trained by the best he is afraid of nothing – but will he fight for love?
Set on a path destined by the Fates, will they be able to change their destiny and be together – or will they forever be alone?


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