baseball man final.jpg

Baseball Man

by carlobos


** Living far from your championship bodybuilder lover is hard –but nothing like when people die.
** How to help someone who doesn’t want help, even though they need it?
** How to suppress your desires?
** How to convince your partner to have a baby they don’t want?

VINNIE BRIGGS’ methods lead to his friend’s murder, and he becomes the prime suspect in two more.

Vinnie bonds with SLIDER, a homeless man and together they join forces to help Vinnie’s neighbors, GRACE LEE and Kaelin Peterson. Grace is pregnant and her partner, Kaelin is a midwife, which means nothing can go wrong. Except Grace’s pregnancy is not a clinical insemination but rape.

Vinnie applies his amateur P.I. skills to find Grace’s rapist over her objection: Fear? Loathing? Something else? Before he finishes his investigation, Vinnie has his personal affairs to put in order: reunite with his massively muscular husband, BEN HAUSEN, and persuade him to have a baby.

Slider is alone, uncovers the truth of Grace’s rapists and suffers the ultimate consequence. Vinnie finds the truth can be dangerous, and not as expected.


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