Beethoven’s Hair: An Extraordinary Historical Odyssey and A Scientific Mystery Solved

by Broadway Books, Random House

” A wonderfully gripping and readable narrative…a fascinating story, full of mysteries solved and as yet unsolved.” – BBC Music Magazine

“A terrific story. Odd, suspenseful, controversial and ultimately revealing. – Denver Post

“An engrossing tale of an odd subject. First-class history, and a fascinating exposition of forensic science.” – Toronto Globe and Mail

“An intriguing and well-told story, a story actually of the path Western cultural life has taken over the past two centuries. It reminds us that the spirit of idealism in Beethoven’s music…can spark to life in unaccountable ways and in undreamed-of circumstances.” -Kirkus Reviews

“Russell Martin’s lively account of the investigations into strands of Beethoven’s hair makes for absorbing reading…a lucid narrative that takes on the characteristics of a tightly constructed whodunit.” – Sydney Morning Herald

“A wonderful contemplation of how relics can become bridges between people separated by time, culture, and death…an inspiring look at passion in several forms.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer


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