Billy Gets Bullied

by jamesminter


Suitable for boys and girls aged 7 to 9. In this first book of the Billy Growing Up series, Billy Field is uber excited at his approaching tenth birthday. Not only is it his first double-digit birthday, but he’ll be ten on the tenth day of the tenth month—a once in a lifetime event.
Billy’s invited his best friend Ant to his party. They’re having a magician who’s being assisted by Max, Ant’s sister. Granddad magics Billy’s present – a twenty-pound note, but soon after the party, Billy has his money stolen by the local bully.
Bullying is unacceptable, and has to be dealt with… Billy Has A Birthday is a wonderful example of a story that young children can enjoy reading alone or together with their parents. Using traditional storytelling, it is entertaining while dealing with a serious issue that affects many children as they grow up. Bullying can be a difficult subject for children to talk about, and many feel frightened or embarrassed if they fall victim to bullying. This book acts as the perfect icebreaker for adults and children to begin discussing these issues. Find out how this negative experience turns out.
A perfect read for children who enjoy school fiction, but with a positive learning to help other bullied children. If you enjoy reading Jeff Kinney or David Walliams, you love the Billy Growing Up series.


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