Bliss by J. Santiago Cover.jpg


by j-santiago

Since her brother Gabe’s death eight years ago, Lena Pryce has removed herself from all things that remind her of her past including people from her hometown, memories of her brother, and the game of soccer. J.C. Callahan was there the day his best friend Gabe Pryce collapsed and died. That single event led him and his friends on a path which defined all of their futures.

When Lena’s son Nick makes a travel soccer team, all she avoided for years suddenly surfaces as part of her everyday life. Despite her efforts, she can’t seem to walk away from a piece of her discomforting past – J.C. Callahan. The feelings she has for him constantly battle all of those memories of her brother and that time of her life that she had worked so hard to forget. Will she abandon it all or embrace the love and legacy her brother has left behind?

50% of the proceeds from the sale of Bliss will be donated to heart screening organizations across the country.


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