Call Me Mal Cover 1.jpg

Call Me Mal

by Kindle Direct Publishing

The world has been ravaged by gang wars for hundreds of years, finally brought to an end by the world’s governing authority, The Democratic Republic of Monarchs in the year 3500. Twenty-six years later, the population of the world is divided between those born without genetic enhancement (non-gens), and those whose parents had enhanced themselves using genetic manipulation, resulting in offspring born genetically modified (BGMs). Now, someone is hunting and brutally murdering those born genetically modified, and he or she must be stopped.
Called upon for her expertise, bartender and sometimes police-consultant, Malady Pain must use the knowledge she gained as a small child living with one of the most brutal gangs in order to find the killer. However, Malady Pain and her partner, Quixotic Hero, find much more than they were originally looking for.


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