Deadly Bloodlines by AR Cooper ebook (3).jpg

Deadly Bloodines – Book 2 The Shadow Bloodlines series

by A.R. Cooper

Beth needs to break her dad out of prison, train to fight the hunters who are after her and Amar, and find her mom. Nothing like having the world on her shoulders. Everything goes wrong, and instead of helping, she causes Amar to slowly transform back into his gargoyle form. Worse, in three nights, he’ll awake as a soul-less killer and forever cursed. To save him, she must journey to Egypt and solicit the help of an ancient shifter.

Amar’s growing attraction for Beth is interfering in his ability to protect her and other shifters. But can he stop the curse turning him into a granite statue during the day, and a blood-starved creature at night? If he doesn’t, then there was no hope in saving Beth or the world for that matter.

Beth and Amar continue to battle for their right to live and rescue her loved ones. But with the hunters pursuing them at every step, will they succeed before it’s too late?


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