Death and Professor Longfellow

by ajordanbooth

Professor Robert Longfellow was a stodgy old man, without much life to him. He dedicated everything to his chosen profession of education. Longfellow placed his mission ‘to enlighten and ennoble young minds’ above love, family, and adventure. What worth does that mission have when all he gets in return are blank stares, and students who sleep through his lectures? On the worst day of his life Longfellow meets his fate in the form of a mugger’s bullet. This would have been the end of a non-remarkable, meaningless life, save for the beguiling spitfire of a woman Longfellow encounters after he has been shot. Claiming to be “Death” in the flesh, the saucy red head, offers him a second chance at life if he can overcome three Herculean trials. Can the Professor win his way back to the world of the living? If he does is there anything worth living for?


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