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DeathByte, Book 2 of the Spies Lie series

by The Swiftshadow Group, Inc.


When the plans to a new device that could change the course of world politics forever is stolen, every country goes looking. It’s going to be a free-for-all.

When someone breaks into William Wing’s Hong Kong apartment and steals the hard drives from his computer, it sets several intelligence services searching for the plans to a new device that could change the course of world politics forever.

Wing’s worst fears, that he might become hunted for what they think he knows, is the least of the issues at hand for his friend, Jon Sommers. Sommers will have to leave his deep cover assignment to help his friend, and he’ll need a team. The Mossad wants what Wing lost, and so do the Americans, the Chinese and the Brits. It’s going to be a fight to see who finds the plans first…


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    “In the second installment of the Spies Lie thriller series, a covert agent reunites with his allies as intelligence agencies battle over a revolutionary tracking device.

    Master hacker William Wing discovers that someone has broken into his Hong Kong apartment and stolen all the secrets on his computer…readers who adore action-packed thrillers in the vein of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series will enjoy its many double-crossings…by the time the story reaches its firestorm of a conclusion.

    A dizzying spy story for readers with clear minds and steely constitutions.” – Kirkus Reviews