Discovery Kindle Cover.jpg

DraculaVille I: Discovery in New York

by Lara Nance


Not your typical romance, and not your average theme park…
DraculaVille I is the winner of the Rudy Award for Best novel with romantic elements for 2013!!!
When Advertising Executive Talia Quinton takes on the unwelcome job of promoting the country of Romania, she has no idea it will involve rescuing a real vampire and being thrust into a conflict among warring vampire factions in New York.
She and her rescued vampire, Drake, must fight for their lives to protect their growing love for each other and escape capture in time to present Talia’s campaign to the Romanians.
For she’s groomed Drake to become Dracula, the spokesperson for a multi-billion dollar project to build an adult fantasy them park/resort in Transylvania called….DraculaVille.


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