Eddie and the Hot Cocoa Hot Rod Cover Flyer.jpg

Eddie and The Hot Cocoa Hot Rod©

by Valerie Williams-Sanchez

“Cars that are big and cars that are small, minivans, sports cars, I like them all. Cars that race and cars that roar, the louder their engines, I like them more.” Eddie and the Hot Cocoa Hot Rod©, the second book in the “Cocoa Kids Collection,” is coming!

Daydreaming about cars and racing gets Eddie into trouble at school in the new book, Eddie and the Hot Cocoa Hot Rod©. Read how Eddie’s hard work, perseverance — and chocolate — help him make the grade, ushering him in to a very esteemed winners circle! Presented by Valorena Online, L.L.C., “Eddie and the Hot Cocoa Hot Rod©” is written by Valerie Williams-Sanchez, and illustrated by Brooklyn Russell. The hardcover book is anticipated for winter 2015.


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