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by t-r-robinson


Had it been motivated by love? Or had it been lust?
Had it all just been a daydream? Would they, could they, know happiness?


  • Amazon Review:

    Felina is the 5th book in the authors Bitches Series. They are fictional stories but based on the author’s life and the people she knew.

    There are three main characters in this story. Tara is a key character in all stories and based on the author herself. She is attractive, sensible, caring and hard working.

    Felina, who epitomises the theme of the series is a greedy, scheming, selfish social climber while her husband is a kind man dedicated to his family and a hardworking, generous provider.

    Tara and Felina had met many years earlier at their respective weddings and meet again when Felina calls into the club where Tara meets.

    The story centres around Felina’s greed, social aspirations and uncaring attitude, not only towards her husband, but also her two children.

    When her husband becomes seriously ill her attitude oscillates between disinterest and pretended interest in an attempt to get him to sign the house over to her. 

    The story alternates POV between all three characters but it is well written without confusing the reader.

    Is she trying to poison him? I loved the surprising ending, but you won’t find any spoilers her. 

    This book was provided to me for free for an honest and unbiased review.

    A well written short read. My rating 4*