Fifty Shades of Women’s Desires: The Allure of Twilight, Fifty Shades, and Other Pop-Culture Phenomena… This guide is the ultimate 21st-century handbook to relationships for both men and women. It will uncover and explain the classic question: is it me or the relationship?

by drniloo

What can we learn from our fascination with love stories? How can we use this to better our relationships and cultivate excitement in our lives? Dr. Niloo Dardashti, producer of Into the Twilight Haze (a documentary about the Twilight phenomenon), explores these questions in an insightful manner that everyone can relate to. Using these issues as a vehicle to unpack common relationship challenges, she engages the reader by motivating a process of reflection and self-discovery, while explaining:

– How to decipher what is a “me” issue versus an “us” issue
– What ingredients synergistically create passion and fulfillment in relationships, how to increase a sense of stimulation and aliveness in your own life
– How to balance the need for getting satisfaction from within versus through an “other”
– How to balance seeking stimulation/novelty and embracing the sameness of everyday life.

If you are struggling in a relationship or need to recreate the magic you once had, this book is for you. Twilight and Fifty Shades fans will better understand the addictive quality of the sagas and their motivations, bringing new meaning to the books and movies. Men will find this insight very helpful, getting a deep look into the thoughts and desires of women, allowing them to be better partners or better able to attract more meaningful relationships. Women will understand what often gets in the way of finding the love they want. Individuals who want to feel more alive, inspired, and connected with their selves will learn how to begin or continue that journey in a meaningful way. Lastly, mental health practitioners will find the insights helpful in dealing with their patients and inspire thoughtful analysis of their own.


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