For the Sake of Happiness

by melthorn

Cory Anderson didn’t believe in fate. However, when he received the first of many mysterious, anonymous letters from a secret admirer, he knew that his entire world was about to change. Written by someone who claims to have stalked him for two whole years with a powerful infatuation, the letters continue to pour in, and Cory can only hope that he discovers the identity of his shadowy pursuer. When his follower is revealed, an awkward but flourishing kinship begins, one in which he never thought he would be involved. It is in this relationship that he starts to understand that not everyone lives a very happy, easy life, and he might possibly be the only one willing to save his companion’s. In time, he grasps just how much one would suffer to remain happy… and just how far someone would go to keep things the way they like it.

For the Sake of Happiness is a dark, romantic tale about the importance of loneliness, friendship, addiction, and abuse.


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