Fundraising from Companies & Charitable Trusts/Foundations + Through The Internet

by Gordon Owen @ iGO eBooks®

Guide and reference to fundraising techniques, things to consider, and contacts for new, small, and emerging Groups/ Organisations in the Charity/Third Sector seeking to improve their engagement with potential funders in the Corporate and Charitable Trusts/Foundations Sectors.

This fifth edition update also provides for more details examples, illustrations, and hundreds of URL hyperlinks to resources and points of contact saving hours/days of onerous work and research to discover on the web.

Invaluable contextual material for inspiring ideas and positive way to deal with the whole issue of fundraising in this climate and good value for the price.

This e/iBook is one of more than 31 e/i-print Books in the genre subject matters of fundraising, governance, organisational, & ePublishing material series.


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