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Garden of Light: Aligning with Your True Nature and Receiving Inner Guidance

by Karen McChrystal, MA

Garden of Light offers a transcendent and evolutionary perspective that integrates the psychological, spiritual, scientific and practical views. It is a practical guide to fulfillment, receiving Inner Guidance, and personal evolution, through first cultivating one’s inner life – cultivating the garden within. In so doing, we get back to our true nature and our authenticity. Inner Guidance helps one to navigate through difficult times and live an inspired creative life, no matter what the outer circumstances. The author’s personal journey and experience with Inner Guidance are woven throughout the book. During the years ahead, it will seem to many that the world as we once knew it is coming to an end, that these are the prophesied “End Times.” Yet rather than an end, we will be experiencing a profound transformation as the old order, the outmoded and unworkable civilization, unravels. The book shows how by integrating deeper awareness with Guidance and informed common sense we can also most effectively make positive contributions to the vast transformative process now unfolding in our world.


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