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Holistic Mental Health & Wellness: The Complete Guide for Identifying and Treating the Physiological Contributors to Mental Health Symptoms

by drniloo

What can we learn about our unique biochemistry that can give us important insights into our mental health symptoms? Why do people so frequently complain of symptoms even after years of therapy and often when they are already on medication? These and many other questions will be answered in this straightforward manual, which provides essential information in pinpointing what physiological aspects can be getting in the way of progress, in addition to providing effective treatments. Readers will learn:

– Signs and symptoms of certain biochemical problems
– What tests to ask your physician for and which you can do on your own
– Successful strategies for treatment of depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and emotional eating through the use of nutraceuticals, amino acids, and herbs
– Dietary choices that can fundamentally impact how you feel.

If you have been struggling to feel better, or just want to be sure you are on the path of optimal mental wellness, this book is for you. Healthcare practitioners will be provided with quick, concrete suggestions that can be implemented right away to help alleviate peoples’ suffering. It is integral in today’s healthcare landscape to be an advocate for one’s own well-being and this book will empower you to do so immediately.


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