Home Sweet Home Page

by carma

So many authors, speakers and coaches limp along, wondering why they aren’t attracting more clients with their website, growing a list of prospects more quickly, or converting web visitors into subscribers. So they hire web designers to create beautiful, flashy websites. Or they slap together a simple, ordinary blog. And they may notice a blip in business, but not what they were hoping for.

What’s wrong? they say. Why aren’t more people lining up to hire me, book me, buy my products? Isn’t my website pretty enough? Don’t I provide enough relevant information?

And they never figure out what’s wrong.

And the kicker is, most of the time, it would take just a few simple changes to their home page to turn all this all around!

Yes, simple, easy-to-do, tweaks to your home page can improve your website’s success.

And you’ll learn what they are in Home Sweet Home Page: The 5 Deadly Mistakes Authors, Speakers and Coaches Make with Their Website’s Home Page and How to Fix Them!


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