How do I prepare for inorganic chemistry for the JEE Advanced?

by rhea45

Inorganic chemistry, the chemistry of non-living things. It is the part of chemistry which requires a lot of hard work and most of the students find difficulties to prepare for JEE Advance. Their common question is “how do I prepare for inorganic chemistry for the JEE Advance”?
So following are some steps that you should follow while preparing for JEE Advance.

Steps to prepare for inorganic chemistry-
Facts and Figures
For the preparations of JEE Advanced it is very important to learn all the facts and figures, some of them are understandable but some of them are not. So you just have to memorise them.
Begin step by step, there’s no need to rush if you are starting your preparations at the right time. Inorganic chemistry is the subject with the huge syllabus as many of you can find some chapters from the NCERT textbook boring, but don’t leave them unread, even sometimes while revision we have to start the topic from the beginning so just be patient while studying any chapter of inorganic chemistry.
JEE Advanced syllabus
Start studying according to the JEE Advanced syllabus, as you are preparing for JEE. There are many books available relevant to JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, start reading them thoroughly.
Question solving method
Try to solve as many questions you can after completing each topic, because we all know practice makes the man perfect. But there is also the possibility that you won’t find the solution till the end but the more you practice questions the more it will be easy for you to attempt them in exams. Sometimes there’s a possibility that you will find the questions similar to what you have practised.
Before starting your preparations for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced you should maintain a proper timetable according to you. In which you have written the part of the topic which you have to prepare. And always follow that timetable, for inorganic chemistry you need enough time so make your time table accordingly.
Inorganic chemistry has a vast syllabus, so it is very difficult to memorise all the reactions, concepts and important questions. So make a habit of highlighting important parts, reactions and questions. It will help you for revision.
Reference Books
Before starting any other books, finish your NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar. Start reading these books line by line and thoroughly. After completing this, you can start reading O.P Tandon. It covers almost all the syllabus of JEE and you can also refer to R.K Gupta by Arihant Publication. After completing the theory part, hop on to the problem solving question you have to practise as many questions you can. There’s another amazing book by J.D Lee, it also covers the syllabus of JEE and has many multiple choice questions and can clear your doubts in Inorganic Chemistry.

Give proper time and dedication even if you are bored of reading don’t quit, because inorganic chemistry is all about reading and practising. The more you practice, the more chances of yours to clear JEE inorganic part successfully.

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