How to Control Your Financial Destiny

by powerofwords

If you want to achieve financial independence, retire early, or simply have better investing outcomes, there are some important things you need to know right now.

Jennifer Lancaster explains the time-honoured principles of saving and investing in a down-to-earth manner. She urges you to create your own financial plan and household budget. It’s in your hands, not that of a financial planner, property spruiker, or broker.

Guiding Mums & Dads through creating the right mindset, using leverage to build wealth, understanding debt, shares vs. property, the various mortgages, buy and hold vs. buy-gain-sell, protecting your wealth, compounding, types of diversification, and more, Jennifer relates the wisdom that can help you create a better financial destiny.

An author of marketing and money books, Jennifer loves to show people ways to save money and prevent the pitfalls of listening to poor advice.


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