Hugo's Awakening - Book Cover - Oct 2015.JPG

Hugo’s Awakening

by mark.furness


Hugo’s suffers from ‘Swiss Cheese Syndrome’, his psychologist jokes. But it’s no joke to Hugo. He can recall the last 24 hours, and the events of years ago, but the in-between time is shot through with holes. Where has his wife, Jessie, been? Why has she called him back to this deserted country town on this searing hot day? He’s risked his life to get here. Will she really come at nightfall as she promised?

Hugo waits and drinks and sweats on the front veranda of a bar. He suspects the mutilated barman may have had an affair with Jessie, but he can’t be sure. Memories trickle back, assisted by visits from the one-legged local farmer Tommy Gunn, and the legendary axeman Jack “Smacker” Jones. Hugo reads a note in his pocket with a quote by Sigmund Freud describing a condition called ‘Repression’. The heat intensifies and the night closes in; Hugo glimpses more and more of the man he was. But who is he now, and where is he heading?

He had hopes for a happy life, and children with Jessie on a nearby farm called Jonesland. But she ran away. He recalls a cave where he found a ‘cursed bone’. Did the bone make him do the things he starts to remember, or was it his own nature and free will? When Jessie drives past the bar at nightfall without stopping, Hugo gives chase along a road from which he discovers there is no turning back. It leads Hugo to a stunning awakening, reunion and transformation.


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