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Indelible: Scrolls From The Teatro

by celestej

Indelible: Scrolls From the Teatro

When the opportunity arose in a conference room of a bustling hospitality company, the unveiling of plans for an international resort destination, a Moroccan jewel, Marjorie awakened to the calling and headed across the Atlantic. Despite the camaraderie and lively cafe scene in Marrakech, when the financiers’ scuffle broke out, a coercive attempt by their competition, the mysterious disappearance of her colleague, and an explosion across the border dismantled their weekend plans, an unraveling transpired sending them all off in separate directions.
Having left everything behind and carrying nothing more than a light pack and a dwindling pittance, she makes her way through Spain, and onwards into Portugal. She follows the directions to a name and address scribbled down and handed to her upon their departure: The Auberque Raphael in Persimmon Valley. When she arrives she learns its history as a Monastery later converted into a destination resort before a flood erased the town’s narrative from the map. The tracing of it’s deep-rooted ties to the Roman Catholic church, an order of the Sisterhood in Porto, it now funds a hostel for travelers – some academics, wayward folks seeking respite, and some otherwise curious sorts. But, for this groups of guests, – emergents embarking on breakthrough innovation through raising cryptocurrency, academic researchers studying the topology, New York actors struggling to reignite their stale careers, and a chef who dropped out of culinary school, among others, the hostel becomes an incubator for Lisbon’s dynamic global stage at the intersection of the timelessness of the fine arts, advanced technologies, and new life. But, when it comes to the pursuit of success, love and the affairs of the heart, and truth, there are many lessons in the fine line between vulnerability, hospitality, and achievement. Whether they have met by happenstance or by what some believe to be more significant reasons, their experiences create an indelible imprint spanning beyond Raphael’s and Lisbon’s center stage, Teatro.


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