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Job Satisfaction: How To Easily Conquer Taboos For Career Win [E-book]

by R. Ram Prasad

Monday blues are synonymous with almost all job-holders. The author Ram Prasad was no different despite his exciting new job. His moment of Eureka arrived in the middle of weekday traffic after some introspection. That is when he decided to find a cure for the blues in the thirty days that followed. The book documents his journey through these thirty days till he achieved complete satisfaction at his work. It talks about the kind of challenges one generally faces at work and suggests simpler solutions to address them. With every new challenge, the author discovers a new golden rule to overcome those hurdles. He uses his firsthand experiences as examples to arrive at that one ultimate formula for job satisfaction and a secret sauce routine that is important to successfully implement the formula. Find out from the book about how all the negativity that surrounds your work life can simply be corrected by altering your mindset and your attitude towards the problems at hand.

The author’s first book, ‘Get An Interview Call From Your Dream Company’, was about an unconventional approach to get the attention of Hiring Managers. It is his personal story of transitioning from an Entrepreneur to Employee despite at the top of the organizational pyramid.


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