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Kindler of Flames (Nescada)

by K L Abbott

This is a story of monsters and mythstory … this is a story of deception and secrets … this is a story of sacrifice and war …

When the Taedh invade the spiral of Nescada and threaten to destroy it, Taerah Talavereis – an ice-hearted lunar goddess – must voyage across the entire star system to other planetary spheres, join forces with the most powerful beings in Nescada and annihilate the Taedh at all costs.

In a world where governments and Gods must unify as one to prevent the destruction of the realms, against a milieu of interplanetary wars and interpersonal intrigues, Taerah will face great sacrifice to save the world from the Taedh, and along with an unlikely and colourful crew of companions, bring an end to the ancient terror hiding behind these transdimensional invaders once and for all.

Everything that is touched changes, as their fates are interwoven forever; their story forever written in time … in the mythstories … and across the screen of space.


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