Kisses for Tati

by jayfingers

Tati Corona lives a simple life. She has no friends, works a thankless job as a cashier at her local grocery, and dwells in the shadow of her beautiful, successful, older sister Jacqueline. Nothing will ever change for Tati, it seems, until she meets Roy Marble. Charming and handsome, Roy regularly visits Tati’s job during his lunch breaks. When Roy finally asks Tati out on a date, their minor flirtations begin to blossom into a full-fledged romance. This does not sit well with the overbearing Jacqueline, who demands to know more about Roy. But this begs the question: does Jacqueline have ulterior motives of her own? Will Tati finally find happiness? Will she escape from her sister’s controlling, domineering rule? Or is she forever doomed to a life of loneliness and misery? The latest work of fiction from author Jay Fingers, KISSES FOR TATI is a riveting story of a young woman trapped in a living hell and desperately seeking a way out.


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