Landscape Design. Lawn & Garden.

by gregblewtown

The unique picture of the garden is formed by trees and lawns, flowerbeds and flower beds, but the uniqueness of your style will be emphasized and the details of the decorative design will add comfort and comfort to the rest. Of course, such items should not be much, so that the garden does not become a museum exposition in the open. But a couple of cute statuettes or an original shop under a canopy will make the landscape ideal.

But do not forget that any lawn and garden needs care. If the grass grows badly – think, maybe it does not have enough sun or minerals, or you should use the aerator if the soil is too compressed.

Pavilions and canopies for garden tools, summer kitchens, and barbecue areas – all these buildings can become a little more decorative if you approach creatively. Comfortable and light furniture with bright cushions and covers, outdoor tubs, and hanging flowerpots, street lights, and flashlights – these portable and comfortable items will make your small sitting area cozy in the garden.

Even in the middle band, you can make a small corner of the sunny Mediterranean in your garden. Warm shades of masonry and clay tiles, a paved path to the summer house and bright buds of flowers in tubs, a green hedge from the weeds of wild grapes and hops will make the mood of your garden a little closer to the solar dolce vita.

A bit of romance

A light fleur of tenderness and magic will give the green lawn a thin drapery of the canopy, white ribbons in the branches of flowering rose bushes, a delicate tablecloth on the table. In this atmosphere, you can organize a family celebration in the garden, and a quiet evening for only two, admiring the sunset rays of the sun on the horizon.

The charm of naturalness

Ornaments made of wood are as harmonious in the garden as the plants themselves. Even a simple plank, fixed on the swings of the swings, will make it possible to decorate in the garden a corner for rest surrounded by greenery and flowers.

Sculptures in the garden

Carved wooden sculptures, plaster figures, stone compositions will give the green lawn in the garden an additional vertical structure, which greatly enriches the visual palette of the landscape. In addition, with the help of even a small sculpture, you can instantly transform the style of the garden, express its individuality, create an environment that is comfortable for your holiday.

Water element

Do not limit the role of water in the garden only by watering plants. Even the simplest trickle or mini-pond in the tub will add freshness to the summer noon and help create a place in the garden for a peaceful rest and relaxation.

Bright decor for the lawn

Against the background of greenery of lawns and flower beds, original accessories look especially bright. Fashionable designer decor became vertical stelae, composed of a variety of elements with cute figures on the tops.

Ideas literally from nothing

This is in arithmetic from the change in the places of the summands the sum does not change. And in the design – it is enough to draw colorful letters on flower pots and make up in the right order to get the right word and phrase expressing your current mood. Such a flower bed decor along the garden path can be done every day for a couple of minutes new, including the game of their household.

The combination of functionality and design

Practical things can be a beautiful addition to your style. For example, such design bird houses, performing their function of houses for birds in your garden, just as magnificently perform with the role of bright ornaments, stylish and minimalistic.


A garden is always something that we love with all our soul and adorn ourselves with our own labor. Small tablets, made with your own hands, will help everyone to find planting the right plants in the beds, and at the same time – diversify the design of the garden.


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