Leviathan’s Ruse: The Comprehensive Guide to the Battle Between Good and Evil, Vol. 1

by alexanderlawrence


The Bible speaks several times about a powerful and terrifying sea serpent named Leviathan. An ancient dragon with no rival, it is used as a symbol of the first and greatest heavenly being. Although this being started life as a magnificent angel, he rebelled against God and became Satan, the adversary of mankind.

Leviathan is the mascot of this fallen angel and his kingdom, and it is the image of the terrible beast-empire seen by the prophet Daniel.

In Leviathan’s Ruse, Alexander Lawrence exposes the tactics of the Dragon while tackling popular misconceptions and unbiblical views that have infected the church. He illuminates six major components to the great deception that Satan has leveled against us since the Garden of Eden, and explains how these relate to biblical end-time prophecies.


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