Love as 8

by jeremyephe

Cliff View offered a series of rustic bungalows nestled along a particularly remote stretch of Pacific coastline. The scenery was beautiful, the accommodations were quaint, and the price for a night’s stay was well valued. Most described the staff as a friendly bunch that occasionally acted a little quirky. There were a growing number of visitors that would have vehemently argued against positive reviews with some pretty alarming comments about their brief stay. Unfortunately, any potential warnings about the pitfalls of Cliff View were permanently stifled. Unwavering devotion, dark ritual, and animalistic sexual desire were strong enough motivators for employees to maintain the status quo. In fact, self-destruction was the only viable threat to their highly perverse taboo behavior. The ride isn’t pretty, but like most shocking scenes, it is difficult to turn a blind eye to this disturbing tale.


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