Low Level Laser therapy for Physical Therapists

by malinichaudhri


This is the 2nd editon to a popular technical book on low level laser which covers the key notes of leasing scientists and subject experts. It also contains editorial interspersions from Jan Tuner, the GM of Prima Books and Editor of Laser Annals.
This book was mentioned in the Laser Annals of 2016.

The book provides practical knowledge on areas of general practise, safety, sports rehabilitation, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage and even intravenous laser.

It is an important guide for best practises of low level laser therapy.


  • Malini has helped my grandmother who is 85 plus recover her movements in her legs and arms after a major stroke made her to weak to move. We have seen great results of her therapy without any discomfort or pain. The therapy has helped in strengthening the muscles in knee and spine . Before this we had a physiotherapist but there was almost no improvement after 5 months and so we looked for alternatives to physio


  • Review
    Hi Dr.Malini
    I just bought your book in Amazon “Low Level Laser Therapy For Physical Therapists – Skills Development”
    Congratulations, for your manual that helps to apply the laser technique.
    I am Argentine doctor and for more than 10 years, I have taught laser therapy courses for addictions and stress, aimed at doctors and health professionals from Latin-America.
    Best regards,
    Dr. J. Sanagua

    #alternative therapy #rehabilitation