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Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. 2nd Edition

by Malini Chaudhri

This book is a technical description of neuro-muscular techniques in massage therapy to manage advanced care. It is the fundamentals of bodywork, fitness, health, energy, physique, flexibility, mobility and more. It teaches the therapist aspects of stretch, proprioception, assessment, injury correction and advanced movements to facilitate sportsmen or patients under rehabilitation. Active sports requires support and knowledge of anatomical management of functional range of movement, muscle tension, balance, postural controls at various levels, ages and capacities. Sensory treatment and integrated approaches indicate range in theories of care. Embryonic body types also provide a framework for plan of care and self development. This book is designed as one convenient unit that covers sensory, neuromuscular, orthopaedic and embryonic relations to therapies for achieving fitness and excellence in sports or daily life.

The Second edition, has an added chapter on special senses therapy, which adds to the completion of the technical listings for management of debilities in alternative medicine.


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