Off Balance 3.jpg

Off Balance

by t-r-robinson


Is a hurtful past justification for a lustful present?

What happens when licentiousness is allowed to take control?

A tale based upon actual events.


  • Independent Review:

    I have read, reviewed and enjoyed all of TR Robinson’s books. The first thing I noticed about Off Balance is how much she has developed as a writer with her descriptions emanating the sights, sounds and smells of her scenes

    In the previous narratives of the ‘Bitches’ short story collection her main character suffers at the hands of others mainly due to her naivety. In Off Balance she is the victim of a person whose experiences as a young woman have shaped her attitudes, sexual desires and greed.

    Off Balance may not be to the taste of every reader as it includes a sensual scene between lesbian lovers. In writing this story, and particularly the love scene, I feel Robinson has pushed herself beyond her comfort zone. I believe that is something all writers should aim to achieve.

    When Robinson has completed her collection of stories in this series I hope she considers publishing an anthology. Every story has a lesson on how our attitudes, positive and negative, impact on the lives of others.