Office for One: The Sole Proprietor’s Survival Guide

by hamlett

It was the best of times: The giddy excitement of launching your first solo business and being your own boss.

It was the worst of times: The stress-inducing panic of realizing there’s no one to whom you can delegate all of the marketing, accounting and housekeeping tasks necessary to make that business a success.

“Office For One: The Sole Proprietor’s Survival Guide” is an indispensable resource for any entrepreneur who wants to go it alone without getting lonely.

Within these pages, over 30 experts from around the world offer tips and advice on topics such as tuning out the naysayers, maintaining balance and boundaries, handling legalities and financial challenges, courting (and keeping!) clients, marketing on a shoestring budget, networking, cracking the media code, growing a sustainable vision, and addressing rubicons and burnouts.


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