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Olivia and The Mush – A Tale of Two Cats

by Marie Lopez

Olivia and The Mush – A Tale of Two Cats, the first book in a new children’s book series, encourages parents to read and draw with their preschoolers. When parents read the book to their little ones, they, in turn, visualize the text being read, and then turn those thoughts and new-forming ideas into actual pictures. Their companions on this literary journey are two adopted cats: Olivia and Miles (known as The Mush), who will provide numerous opportunities for children to also discover their drawing skills. This story will take your children on a comfortable verbal journey presenting different situations where they can turn what they read and hear into pictures of the two cats, along with other people, places and buildings, and even expressions from faces and sounds. This makes for a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to spend quality reading and drawing time together. And, first readers could make this book their first foray in going it alone, with the ‘training wheels off’!
Olivia and The Mush are real cats, and the author hopes that you and your children have lots of fun with them!


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