Paranormal Texas

by tuisnider


Why creep around at night when so many haunted places in north Texas are open to the public & active during the day? Why simply read ghost stories about north Texas when you can visit these sites in person? Not only does Tui Snider explain the intriguing stories behind the paranormal activity in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, but she gives directions to places you can visit in person, such as the: *Serial Killer’s Grave where EVP’s & Anomalous Photos are Common *Amusement Park where a Little Girl Haunts the Candy Store *Country Graveyard with a Mysteriously Glowing Tombstone *Hotel so Haunted that a University Teaches Parapsychology there *Elevator that Opens By Itself when Pretty Women Walk By *Historic Cemetery where People get EVP’s & Orbs in Broad Daylight *Ghost Town with an Operatic Apparition & a Haunted Restaurant *B&B with a Gentlemanly Ghost who seems Protective of Women *Theater that Kept its Resident Ghost in Mind when Remodeling *Historic Town Squares where nearly Every Shop has a Ghost


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