Penetration for the Mind

by sones310

In Penetration for the Mind, you will enjoy the exciting stories of love, lust, and passion. Explore the lives of exhibitionist women and men and how one “Hello” can turn into a night of passion. Let the stories penetrate your imagination with each page. These stories will have you wanting more from the married couple trying to spice up their relationship to the single women and men looking for love but finding lust. Each story gets steamer than the last so get comfortable and enjoy the tales of spontaneous, exciting, and passionate sexual adventures. These stories are great for reading alone or enjoying them with your lover. Author Sonya Lindsay does a great job with giving a balance of telling a story and including steamy sex scenes to keep the reader intrigued for more. Sometimes sex can be dangerous so you never know how the stories may end. Penetration for the Mind is the first volume of the author’s series of short stories.


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