Picasso’s War: The Destruction of Guernica and The Masterpiece That Changed the World

by Dutton, Penguin

“Imaginative cultural historian Martin crafts a well-integrated and fascinating account of Picasso’s famous painting and the horrible events that inspired it. The Author’s signature approach to seemingly offbeat subjects is careful research filtered through a novelistic sensibility to grasp the inherent story, which he unfolds in the engaging, almost offhand manner of a fictional amateur sleuth. Martin is, first and foremost, a consummate storyteller who deftly weaves such multiple disciplines as politics, history, art, science and even current events into a narrative forming a coherent whole…An engrossing story of a landmark work of art and the struggle ‘to fashion meaning out of unimaginable evil, once more to offer hope.'” – Kirkus Reviews

“Martin meticulously describes the painting’s creation and context [and] focuses on the controversies that haunted the canvas for decades….Within this larger narrative, he weaves a memoir of his own trek to visit Guernica, which finally arrived in Spain in the 1980s. The culmination of this thread, when Martin coincidentally views the painting on September 11, 2001, brings the narrative into the contemporary world and highlights Guernica’s brutal relevance today.” – Publishers Weekly


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