by Schiller Marcelin

Marcelin’s poems are beguiling, remarkably lush and sharply satirical. They are like little heirloom mirrors that slightly distort and illuminate wisps of detail in Haitian culture. This latest collection of poems is culled from over 27 years and multiple continents. Each piece illuminates an ever shifting face of clouds that reflect his experiences and anchor his poetic foundation. His evolution from national labor union leader in his native Haiti, to international spokesperson & representative, through his self-imposed exile and ultimate return to his homeland as a prodigal son after the recent Port Au Prince earthquake are all revealed in his unique voice. These disparate points of memory are offered to the reader in the practical form of memory. As such, they are languid, free floating and outside of any chronological order – less the order of emotion. The result is a stunning allegorical exploration of Mr. Marcelin’s worldview in flux.


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