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Safer @ Home with pfSense®

by mlines

You don’t need to risk your security and privacy on consumer-grade security products any longer.

Book Description
pfSense® is a powerful, commercial-grade firewall that provides capabilities far beyond what you can get in consumer products. This book will walk you through setting up your pfSense® firewall with many easy to follow recipes to choose from, depending on your needs.

What you will learn
* Blocking malware, phishing and malicious sites and countries
* Hiding your DNS traffic from ISP snooping
* Reducing the burden that advertising has on your browsing
* Isolating your vulnerable IoT devices using VLANs
* Setting up your firewall to provide you reports on matters that need your attention
* Resolving buffer bloat to maximize your internet connection
* Enabling remote access using VPNs
* Managing, documenting, updating and backing up your firewall configuration

Who this book is for
This book is for those with an introductory understanding of networking, at least networking terms such as subnets. Prior knowledge of firewalls would be helpful but is not required. Most important is a desire and willingness to “get your hands dirty”, in both setting up your firewall and understanding how to utilize it to protect your home and business.

Table of Contents
– Introduction
– Recipe 1 – The basic ingredients
– Recipe 2 – Adding packages
– Recipe 3 – Block porn and malicious domains
– Recipe 4 – Protect your browsing from your ISP’s snooping
– Recipe 5 – Speed browsing by blocking ads
– Recipe 6 – Checking your defenses
– Recipe 7 – Blocking the kids from bypassing your protections
– Recipe 8 – Separate your work and home networks
– Recipe 9 – Isolate your IoT devices
– Recipe 10 – Fixing your buffer bloat
– Recipe 11 – Dialing in from the road
– Recipe 12 – Get alerts for new devices
– Recipe 13 – Blocking bad actors, inside and out
– Recipe 14 – Monitoring your network with daily reports
– Recipe 15 – Making exceptions to the rules
– Recipe 16 – Keeping good records
– Recipe 17 – Backups, just in case
– Recipe 18 – Keeping pfSense® up to date
– A Reality Check
– In Conclusion


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