At the age of ten, the streets of Toronto became home to Taylor Sinclair and remained so for the next sixteen long, lonely years. When the man responsible for taking her sister from her all those years ago, convicted serial killer Ralph Morse, escapes from prison, Taylor embarks on a mission to save Gray Rowan, the woman who was responsible for Morse’s capture, and she’s given a precious gift – hope, and the opportunity to make something of her life.

The connection shared by these two women quickly develops into a deep friendship. Gray and Toronto Police Detective Sergeant Chris Cain try to help Taylor to overcome the damage done by her terrifying past. But Morses’s recapture throws Taylor into the media spotlight, triggering a police investigation into the abuse Taylor suffered while living on the streets, complicating the healing process and shaking her newfound confidence.

While at the Police Academy, Taylor is relentlessly pursued by Caillen Worthington, a ‘player’ who swears that he knew Taylor was ‘the one’ from the moment he laid eyes on her. But, is Taylor able to put her past behind her enough to even consider a relationship? Despite her surprising attraction to Cail, Taylor doesn’t think so.


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