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Science for Parents

by karlat

This book will help you help your kids learn about, understand, and appreciate the natural world. Have you ever stared at your kid’s science homework and just shrugged? Have you ever struggled to come up with an answer when your child asks why something happens the way it does? You want to encourage kids’ desire to learn by offering accurate, logical answers to their questions. This book will provide you with those answers. It will refresh your memories of what you once learned, and maybe even teach you something new. The basic laws and patterns of Nature are explained in simple, uncomplicated language, and these concepts are connected across disciplines to describe the underlying science behind common observations. Examples and activities are included in every section to illustrate the relevance of the main concepts to everyday life.
This book will help you build an understanding of how, and, more importantly, why, things work the way they do. By sharing this knowledge with your children you will give them an invaluable gift of awareness and understanding of the world around them. It may even help them with their science homework!


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