Sleddin' Road_cover.jpg


by James D. Beers

“We called it The Sleddin’ Road, but Track of Death would have been more apt…”

One of the kids under the school ground jungle gym claimed The Sleddin’ Road was haunted by a monster ghost toboggan. Another kid said it scared the crap out of his cousin…literally. Folks in town gossiped about it at the local store and whispered its tall tales around Ray’s gas pump – tales and gossip filled with twisted up limbs swollen like ginormous sausages and record-long lines of injured sledders crowding hospital emergency rooms. But a handful of fish hatchery kids – the author, his brother, his sister, a foreign exchange student, and three Vikings – still braved The Sleddin’ Road’s slopes. Share their laugh-out-loud adventures, from guinea-pigging younger siblings on experimental sledding stunts to sled racing pro-wrestling style. Watch the author’s friend, Jack, rocket himself over a Kelly hump on a set of antique cross country skis and just try not to laugh (we dare you!) as the family’s Colombian foreign exchange student takes one wild ride down a cliff-steep sled run. Enjoy this hilarious, well-written story by veteran sledder and newcomer author, James D. Beers.


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